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Veramyst Generic

Veramyst Generic

We specialize in offering a wide array of generic drug for allergy and sinus and Veramyst is one of them. It is a nasal spray that contains fluticasone. This generic drug helps to prevent the release of the substances in the body that is responsible for causing inflammation. Furthermore, the generic Veramyst is also known for treating nasal symptoms which includes congestion, runny nose, sneezing, etc. that are caused due to seasonal allergies. This Veramyst is used for adults and children of age group of more than 2 years.

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We are the leading online supplier of various types of generic medicines and Veramyst is one of them. Generic Veramyst is used to treat allergic rhinitis, obstruction of airflow in patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) including chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

Generic Veramyst is a nasal spray that contains fluticasone furoate (27.5 mcg/ spray) that is an active ingredient present in it and is a synthetic corticosteroid. It was approved by USFDA for nasal spray purpose. It is manufactured by different companies at different locations and known under different trade names namely; Veramyst (GlaxoSmithKline in United States), Avamys (Australia, Canada, EU, South Africa, Mexico and Israel), Furamist (Cipla) and Ennhale (Dr. Reddys).  

Generic Veramyst is supplied in a brown glass bottle that is enclosed in a nasal device having nozzle and a mist-release button having FDA approved label on it. The bottle contain 10 gram of white liquid suspension that provide 120 metered sprays, each spray provides 27.5 mcg of fluticasone furoate in 50 microliters through nozzle.

Generic Veramyst should be stored in upright position and away from the reach of children. It should be protected from light, heat and moisture. The spray should be checked for the expiry date before using it.

Generic Veramyst should be used for nose only not for eyes or mouth, Accidently, if the user gets this sprayed in the eyes or mouth, it should be rinsed with water.

If the person is having measles or chicken pox and also using Veramyst, then they should consult doctor immediately as it might lead to serious problem in them.

Generic Veramyst is used a nasal spray. This nasal spray contains aqueous suspension of micronized fluticasone furoate for the administration to the nasal mucosa. It is done by means of metering actuation spray pump having volume of 50 microliters. Not only has this, generic Veramyst also contained 0.015 % weight by weight (w/w) of benzalkonium chloride, dextrose anhydrous, edetate disodium, polysorbate 80, carboxy methyl, and many more.

Mechanism of action:

Generic Veramyst functions mainly by the inhibition of the chemicals that are responsible for causing allergic reactions in the body of the individuals.


Generic Veramyst is used to treat allergic rhinitis, obstruction of airflow in patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) including chronic bronchitis and emphysema.

Side effects:

Generic Veramyst might leads to side effect in the user. Not all the user will experience side effect. It all depends upon the immune system of the individual. Some of the common side effects include cough, headache, nausea, bloody mucus, shortness of breath and vomiting.

Few patients might exhibit diarrhoea, dizziness, and fever, loss of appetite, excessive mucus, stomach pain, general aches, runny nose and weakness. These are some of the less common side effects shown when using spray.


The serious side effects experienced by the patient include thrush (candidiasis) that is fungal infection in the mouth and throat. In this case, the patient develops red or white patches in mouth or throat.

If the person is having sore in the nose, done nose surgery or the nose is injured, then Veramyst should not be used because it results in slow healing of the wound.

The patient might get allergic reaction when using Veramyst such as skin rash, severe itching, trouble in breathing and swelling of lips, tongue, etc. In this case, the patient should contact their medical advisor.

Drug Interactions:

Generic Veramyst might interact with some other medicine and can cause serious side effects. Following are some of the some of the common drugs that might react with this medicine:

  • Ketoconazole

  • Conivaptan

  • Imatinib

  • Nefazodone

  • Clarithromycin

  • Erythromycin

  • Telithromycin

This is not the complete list of all drug interactions. Some other medicines might also react with this generic drug. Therefore, the patient should always consult to the doctor before using this medicine.


Generic Veramyst should be started with minimum effective dose for the patient to reduce the chances of side effects. It is very important to shake the nasal spray of Veramyst properly before each use and is used by intranasal route only. Nasal spray should always be primed prior using it and should release six sprays in the air away from the face. If the Veramyst spray is not used for more than 30 days or the cap is left off for more than 3 days then the pump should be primed again till fine mist appears. For exact dose and duration of the medicine, the patient should always consult to the doctor.

Missed dose:

In case, the patient misses a dose, it should be taken as soon as remembered. If it is time for the next dose by the time they come to know about the missed dose, then the patient should skip the missed dose and take the dose as per their schedule. No extra medicine should be taken to make up for the missed dose.


At times, the patients might get overdose of the generic Veramyst. In such case, they should not panic as it does not cause life threatening symptoms. If overdose is suspected by the patient, then they should consult to the doctor immediately.


  • Before using generic Veramyst, the patient should always tell their doctor in case they are allergic to this medicine or any other medicine of same class or any ingredient of the medicine.

  • In case the patient is having any medical history, then they should tell proactively to the doctor before starting treatment with this generic drug.

  • If the patient is using any prescribed or non-prescribed or herbal medicine, then they should let their doctor know about it before using this spray.

  • Nursing patient as well as pregnant patient should first consult to the doctor and then only if they recommend using this medicine, it should be used by the patient.

Generic Fluticasone Furoate
Strength Fluticasone Furoate Nasal Spray 27.5mcg - 120 Doses

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