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Anti Anginals

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What is Angina and what are its alarming symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored?
Angina is explained as squeezing of chest by most of sufferers. The very first sign of angina starts with chest pain that is caused due to insufficient blood supply to the heart muscles. Due to insufficient supply of blood in the heart patient can experience

following symptoms:
Severe pain in the neck, jaw and left arm, or both arms
Uneasiness and pain in the center of the chest
Breathlessness and sweating with extreme pain
Pressure or a feeling of tightness in the chest
Discomfort in the upper back and shoulders.
These conditions require immediate medical attention and patient should consult emergency health service.

What are the treatments available and what is the role of anti anginals?
The medicinal treatment using drugs to manage angina is practiced by doctors around the world. These anti angina drugs provide help in managing condition of patient. The anti anginas drugs provide help in increasing the oxygen supply to the heart and at the same time they decrease the demand of oxygen in the myocardial. In this way, the balance of supply of oxygen is managed by these drugs which help in relieving symptoms. Mainly, anti angina drugs include nitrates, beta blockers, ACE inhibitors and calcium channel blockers. Patients can find different angina drugs at reasonable prices here.