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What are anticonvulsant medications?
Anticonvulsants are the medicinal aids that work to control certain electrical motion in the brain. In this way these kinds of drugs help those patients who are at greater risks of getting seizure attacks. Moreover, the significant use of anti convulsing medicines to improve mood disorders and depression is also discovered. These drugs directly affect the central nervous system of the body to control seizures. The treatment with anticonvulsant medication must be started after consulting a health expert as these drugs can cause severe side effects including liver damage.

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What are the health conditions in which anti-convulsing medication should not be used?
To get complete and safe treatment from anti-convulsing drugs, it is important that this treatment must be used after consulting an expert medical professional of the field.

Some of the health conditions in which the use of anti-convulsing medication is contraindicated include:
kidney problems
liver problems
mental/mood related disorders including depression and thoughts of suicide
lung or breathing related difficulties
metabolic acidosis
long-term diarrhea
brittle bones (osteoporosis)
narrow angle glaucoma like eye problem