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Tofranil is the tricyclic anti-depressant medicine used for the treatment of depression.  It acts by enhancing the commotion of certain chemicals in the brain that benefits to elevate the mood. It can also be used in children to reduce the bedwetting. It comprises of imipramine as the main component. It affects the chemical in the brain that has been is very effective medicine for the treatment of symptoms of depression and related symptoms.

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Tofranil is an anti-depressant drug used to treat depression and can also be used for the treatment of night-time bedwetting in youngsters. It also helps to improve your mood, appetite, sleep and level of energy. Its main active pharmaceutical ingredient is imipramine that belongs to the class of tricyclic antidepressants. It shows its effect by reinstating the balance of the chemical in the brain. In case of bed-wetting this medicine may act by inhibiting the effect of an acetylcholine. It helps to cure sadness and groom.

Dose and administration

The recommended dose of Tofranil is

In case of adults- The suggested initial dose is 75mg/day and can be increased up to 200mg/day.

How to take?

Read all the instructions mentioned in the leaflet carefully before having this medicine. Don’t increase or decrease the dose without discussing it with the physician. Take the tablet with a glass of water. You can have this medicine with or without food. Take the medicine before you go to sleep to avoid the side effects.

In case of missed dose

In case you missed to take the dose of Tofranil take it as soon as you recall, but of the time are about to the next dose skip the missed dose and continue with the regular dosing schedule.

In case of overdose

Don’t take more than that of the recommended dose that can be harmful for the patient. Symptoms of overdosing are irregular heartbeat, dizziness, seizures, fainting, and hallucination.

Who should not use Tofranil?

  • You should not use Tofranil in case you are hypersensitive to imipramine or related components.

  • You should not use Tofranil in case you have taken MAO inhibitors in last 14days.

  • You should not use Tofranil in case you have experienced a heart attack in past weeks.

  • You should not use Tofranil in case you are pregnant or in lactation phase.

  • Tofranil is not safe for eth children under the age of 6years.

What are the after effects of Tofranil?

After having this medicine you may feel some adverse effects and that effects vary from patient to patient.

  • Common side effects- dry mouth, dizziness, excitement, drowsiness, impotence, nausea, headache, dilation of pupils, nightmare, light sensitivity, stomach disturbance, sweating, vomiting, tiredness, sudden gain or loss of weight, weakness.

  • Severe effects – pain in the chest, yellowing of the skin, and change in the sex drive, fainting, unusual bleeding, mental confusion, confusion, irregular heartbeat, fever, hallucination, urination problem, chills, uncontrolled movements of body parts, mood swing, panic attack, ringing in the ear, sore throat, seizures, abdominal pain, suicidal thinking, tremor, swelling insomnia.

  • Allergic reaction – Hives, hives, itching, chest congestion, problematic breathing, swelling of the mouth, lips, face or tongue.

Drug interactions

Drugs that interacts with the use of Tofranil are

  • MIO inhibitors like Phenelzine as it increases the risk of hypertension, irregular heartbeat.

  • Barbiturates like phenobarbital as it may reduce the chances of effectiveness.

  • Anticholinergic drugs like benztropine as it can increases the risk of getting severe side effects.

  • Sympathomimetic like phenylephrine as it also result in the increase the risk of side effects.

  • Drugs like Guanethidine, clonidine, guanfacine as it reduces the effectiveness of the Tofranil.

  • Other drugs like Cimetidine, lithium, St. John’s wort, Buspirone, flecainide, methylphenidate, fentanyl, phenyl thiazine, propafenone, fluoxetine, tramadol, quinidine as all this increases the chances of side effects.

Warning and symptoms

  • In the initial phase of treatment you may feel symptoms like suicidal thoughts, unusual behavioural change, worsening of symptoms.

  • Be cautious in the case of patients with heart disease, arrhythmia, congestive heart failure, strokes, myocardial infraction, and tachycardia.

  • Be cautious in the case of patient with urinary retention, intraocular pressure, and narrow angle glaucoma.

  • Be cautious in the case of thyroid problem, cardiovascular toxicity, kidney disorder, liver disorder, glaucoma, and hypertension.

  • Be cautious in the case of alcohol abuse and a chain smoker as it can worsen the side effects.

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