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Anti Migraine

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What is common and classic migraine?

Very bad headaches that have a tendency to return again are generally known as migraine. It is a kind of throbbing pain in certain parts of brain which can result in vomiting or any kind of light and sound sensitivity. On the basis of symptoms migraine is divided in two categories. A migraine without aura which is also known as common migraine, is a medical condition characterized by moderate to severe excruciating and one-sided pain in brain. And, if severe pain in brain occurs that proclaims itself about a half-hour before the beginning of this condition, then it is called migraine with aura or classic migraine. Aura is usually a visual disturbance that lasts about 15 minutes which may result in partial lose of a part of vision, flashing lights, bright spots or zigzag lines. Any type of migraine may be an outcome of psychological factors, especially stress, sensitivity to any kind of foods, sound or light or odors. In some cases migraine would be a consequence of head injury.

What are the best ways to manage Migraine?

Pharmacological medication is the trusted and well tolerated relief for migraine. However, by making small changes in your daily routine you can manage most of disorders associated with migraine:
Early diagnosis: watch for initial symptoms and consult with your doctor.
Keep yourself protected from triggers of your pain such as wearing sunglasses, keep away strong perfumes etc.
Get proper rest during an attack
Keep a track of your triggers
Get proper consultation better to get an advice from migraine specialist