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What are Anti-Parkinson drugs and how these drugs can help Parkinson patients?
Parkinson’s is a type of brains disease that can cause shaking, tremor and problem in walking, movement and coordination. This health condition also known as primary Parkinson’s or Shaking palsy. It is a kind of nervous system disorder.

Patients of Parkinson’s disease may experience following symptoms:
slow blinking, shaking
balancing and walking problems
muscle pains
movement problems
anxiety, stress, and tension
memory loss
stooped posture
stiffness or rigidity in the arms or legs
This nervous system disorder has no known cure. However, with the help anti-Parkinson medication the symptoms can be managed to an extent.

The medication provides help by managing following:
Maintaining the dopamine level in the brain
Duplicating the effects of dopamine
Anti Parkinson medicines are formulated to control the symptoms associated with Parkinson disease. Along with medication patient need to do regular exercise and take healthy diet to control symptoms. The positive effects of nutritional and fiber rich food, speech therapy and avoiding stress has been proven in medical research.
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