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What are anti-smoking products?

Tobacco is consumed in the form smoke with each cigar or cigarette. One of the major constituents of tobacco, nicotine makes the consumer slave of this habit with its strong addictive properties.  This is why most of the people ever tried to quit smoking are failed to do so. With each smoke of nicotine, the receptors are generated in the brain which provides soothing effect to smoker. As a person suddenly stops smoking, these receptors create craving for nicotine. The withdrawal symptoms of nicotine also contribute to make stop smoking a difficult task. The anti-smoking drugs help people to quit smoking by reducing the intensity of nicotine withdrawal symptoms. These products contain nicotine in some quantity which helps in controlling the craving for cigarette and at the same time assist in reducing the intensity of nicotine withdrawal symptoms.
What are the precautions that are necessary for the success of anti-smoking medicines?
Patients should use anti smoking medication with caution especially, if they have any of these health

hypersensitivity to any content or to any other sub-content of this medication
for any other health benefits patient is having medication with antipsychotic drugs such as thioridazine or has discontinued it in last 14 days (two weeks) before starting anti smoking drugs
the alcohol withdrawal symptoms are already there
seizure disorder is present in patient
the treatment with monoamine oxidase inhibitor medication is discontinued within the last two weeks.