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Anti Viral

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What are viral infections?
Due to the presence of certain virus particle inside the body, viral infections are developed. Generally, common symptoms of viral infection starts with high and long lasting fever but people also experience

some other symptoms like:
Depending on the virus:
Abdomen pain
Sore throat

Viral infections can spread through different mediums such as
Fecal-oral, which is mainly caused due to unhygienic hand washing practices by the victim
Vector borne or direct contact, when victim come in contact with healthy people
Sexual contact, counted among one of the most common mean for transmission of viral infection.
Blood transfusion which is caused due to sharing of needles/syringes
Other than the above saliva, breast milk and bodily fluids also provide medium for transmission of viral infection in healthy persons.

What does anti viral drugs do to manage health?
The lives of viral cells are self-limited. The anti viral drugs are used to reduce the bodily symptoms most of the time after medical diagnosis of viral infection in patient. Anti pyretic and analgesic drugs are prescribed to most of the patients to manage symptoms. The antiviral drugs are specifically intended to be used for treating viral infections. Hence, patients should use these drugs after confirmation of viral infection only.