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What are anti fungal medications?
Many types of fungal germs or fungi are present in our surroundings and they live harmlessly. However, certain types of fungi can affect our health by thriving and multiplying in our body. These fungal germs cause infection in body especially on the skin, nails, mouth and vagina. The medicinal preparations that are used to treat various fungal infections are known as anti fungal medications. Anti fungal preparations are available in various forms such as creams, shampoos, pessaries, oral medicines and injections.

The oral antifungal treatment generally used to treat those fungal infections which are:
extensive or severe
resist topical antifungal therapy
affect hair-bearing areas (like tinea capitis and tinea barbae)
The method of treatment and duration of medication depends of the type and severity of fungal infection. Most of the anti fungal medications work on damaging the cell wall of the fungus which kills the fungal cell. This work mechanism helps to clear the infection from root. We have horde of anti fungal medication including creams, shampoo, oral drugs etc.