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What are the common symptoms of asthma?

The breathing seems very much similar to breathing through a straw, when someone suffers from asthma.  Yes, this is the way how most people explain their breathing problems when they are suffering from Asthma. Considering the facts and factual, sourced from World Health Organization roughly around 150 million people are suffering from Asthma.

What are the medicines to manage asthma condition?

Majorly, the available medication can be divided in two kinds for managing asthma:
Quick-relief (rescue) medicines for use during attacks
These are also called rescue medicines. They are used for managing coughing, wheezing, and other breathing related problems including an asthma attack.

Long-term Medicines

These are also known as continuance or regulator medicines. They are indicated to prevent and manage signs of mild to moderate asthma in patients. Taking them regularly and probably on a scheduled time will help them to work in better way to manage your asthma symptoms. Complete your whole treatment for the required time as suggested by your prescriber to have full benefit of the treatment. The long term medicines are available in both forms i.e. as inhaler to be breathed in, such as steroids and long-acting beta-agonists and as oral pills to be taken mouth.
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