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 Atrovent respules

Atrovent respules

In the category of effective inhalation medication for managing symptoms of obstructive lung diseases such as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), emphysema and bronchitis, Atrovent Respules is prescribed. The active medicinal part of this medication is muscarinic receptor antagonist Ipratropium bromide. This medication must be used in supervision of a medical professional based on a valid prescription.

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Atrovent Respules is a prescription medication for the treatment of typical asthma condition in patients. It helps in relaxation of muscles in the airways and thereby increases air flow to the lungs for easing breathing difficulties. Here, Respules is the fine dry powder form medicament suspended in a liquid base. Using a Nebulizer device the inhalation of the medication is done with the help of mask or mouthpiece. It comes with Ipratropium bromide as the active medicinal ingredient which is a muscarinic receptor antagonist.  

Who can take this medication?

ATROVENT RESPULES is a prescription drug to maintain asthma, COPD attacks, and emphysema in adult patients. Consult your doctor before starting this medication.

When I should not use Atrovent Respules?

The medication with Atrovent Respules in not intended to be used (contraindicated) in following health conditions:

  • History of allergic responses with Ipratropium bromide or any ingredient present in this medication

  • Acute episodes of asthmatic attacks

How much doses to be used to manage asthma conditions?

To enjoy full benefits of any medication it is important that you should inform your doctor about complete health condition while discussion of prescription. Atrovent Respules doses will be decided by your doctor keeping in mind patient centric health data and prior asthma therapy used. The medication can be used with the help of a nebulizer. You should not use any other medication with same device. Consult your doctor to know proper guidance to take most benefits out of treatment.

What are the warnings and precautions associated with Atrovent Respules treatment?

  • Patients with allergies to Atrovent Respules are not recommended to take Atrovent Respules. Patient may be referred for LAB TESTS to know sensitivity to the medication before prescription.

  • Inform your prescriber at the time of prescription for Atrovent Respules, if you have:

    • narrow-angle glaucoma;

    • enlarged prostate,

    • obstruction of urinary bladder, or

    • other problems related to urination.

  • Safe use in pregnancy and breast feeding conditions should be discussed prior beginning of the medication

Other than this, take this drug according to your prescription instructions. You are not supposed to adjust the recommended quantity according to your wish. If you want some adjustment in your drug, consult your doctor to know whether it is good for your recovery or not.

What are the possible side effects associated with Atrovent Respules?

Atrovent Respules is generally a safe drug but on some occasions it is reported with few side effects. If any of these side effects or any other abnormal sign or symptom that has started after initiating medication with this drug, notify it to your doctor. A few side effects that are reported by patients using this drug include:

  • headache

  • dizziness

  • blocked nose

  • nervousness

  • cough

  • weakness

  • fever

  • constipation

  • nausea

Other than these, in very few cases some potentially serious adverse reactions are also reported:

  • fast or pounding heartbeat

  • tightness in chest

  • wheezing

  • hives

  • skin rash

  • itching

  • uneasy breathing or trouble in swallowing

In case of an allergic reaction to any ingredient of the drug patient may get swelling on the face, throat, tongue, and eyes. Consult your doctor immediately in such condition.

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