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Acne is a bad dream for each and every teenager and adults also. People get frightened from pimple because they leave the scar mark on the face. Pimples or acne is also known as zits or spots. Pimples are the sign of the puberty but have you thought that it can be a skin disease also?

Acne happens when there is a bacterial attack on the sebaceous (oil) glands causing swelling of that area and collection of the pus in that. The oil and the dead skin get accumulated around the hair follicle hence result in occurring of acne. The common areas of existence of acne are chest, face, back and shoulders.

Differin helps in rejuvenating the skin as it contains Adapalene which is applied topically to cure acne. It is used in the severe cases of acne.

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Differin is applied as a thin layer on the affected area. It is used according to the prescription of the doctor. Concurrent use of other skin product with Differin is prohibited. Differin is advised to use once daily in the evening.

Cautions should be taken while using the medicine. Wash your hand before using and clean the affected area with the mild conditioner. The skin should be pat dry before the application.

When Differin is use?

Differin is indicated in the condition of acne to reduce its severity. It favored the quick healing of the skin.

How Differin works?

Differin consist Adapalene as an active constituent. Adapalene is retinoid like compound which binds in the nucleus of the skin with retinoic acid receptors. Puberty comes along with the acne which occurs when there is an excess stimulation of the hormones. The skins that peel out around from the hair follicle get trapped in the sebum of the hair, causing the formation of a plug. This plug causes the clogging of the pores which attracts the bacteria towards them and take a form of acne.

The Differin on applying get absorbed deep inside the pores controlling the accumulation of the dead skin which leads to acne. It also stops the keratinization by shedding the old skin and promoting the growth of new skin. This helps in preventing the coagulation and inflammation to reduce the formation of new pimples.

Consequences of using Differin

Along with the benefits of Differin, some side effects are also combined with it. Therefore it is suggested to the patient to take the medicine in the optimum amount. Related side effects are:

  • During the usage of Differin in first 2-4 weeks, there are the chances of occurrence of redness, scaling, itching, and also acne can get worse.
  • Eyes can get swollen with redness.
  • Burning sensation is also a common side effect.
  • Conjunctivitis can occur.
  • Patient can suffer from allergic reaction like rashes, itching, dizziness etc.
  • Breathlessness can also occur.

When to avoid?

  • Avoid using soap harsh to the skin. Instead use a mild cleanser.
  • Do not apply the drug to the eyes, lips or nose. If by fault these organs get exposed to it quickly wash them with water.
  • Usage of Differin is not advisable if you are having sunburn, windburn, , chapped, dry skin or broken skin.
  •  Any skin product whether it is lipstick, hair removal cream, shampoos or skin product having alcohol is not suggested by the dermatologist.

Drug interactions

  • Skin products such as astringent, toners, shaving lotions which consist of alcohol in them cause the abrasion of the pimples.
  • Harsh soaps and cleansers also cause problems in the healing of the pimple.
  • Cosmetics which result in drying of the skin are also not preferred.
  • Drugs like tetracycline, ciprofloxacin, phenothiazine and thiazide are not given along Differin.
  • Product having sulfur and Fluoroquinolones as their ingredient are also not used with Differin.

Ways to deal with overdose.

On the suspicion of the overdose, immediately seek the medical help. Overdosing may show the symptoms of redness, itching or scaling.

Skipped dose

It can happen to you or anyone else. So, it is advice that in case you forget to use Differin, use when you come to recall it. But the instruction is given that there should be a proper gap between the times of two doses.

Storage conditions

The label of a medicine tells its whole story. The storing conditions are clearly mentioned in that. Differin is stored at 25-30 degrees protecting from light and moisture. In case you are not able to understand where to store the drug you can consult the pharmacist. The medicine should be kept out of the reach of the children.


Before using Differin, if you are allergic to Adapalene you should tell your doctor about it.

  • Don’t get exposed to the sun. Wear protective clothes and use the sunscreen regularly.
  • Waxing, use of hair removal, or usage of chemical product should be avoided.
  • Product having sulfur, salicylic acid or ciprofloxacin should not be used.
Generic ADAPALENE (a-DAP-a-leen)
Strength Differin - ADAPALENE Gel 0.1% 15gm

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