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Dovonex is a topical medicament which is used in psoriasis, a type of skin disease. In the old days, diseases related to the skin are considered as a curse. But as the people started getting education, they came to know that it is not a curse, it is a disorder which occurs due to some kind of inflammation or infection due to bacteria.

Psoriasis is a formation of silvery and scaly skin which is itchy, dry and has red patches. The psoriasis occurs when there is an excessive and rapid growth of the epidermal cells. It is an autoimmune disease. It is generally influenced by the environmental conditions and is associated with diseases like cancers or cardiovascular diseases.

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Dovonex is an established drug to treat psoriasis, which is having a man- made vitamin D known as Calcipotriene. This ingredient is applied topically to achieve the proper performance of the drug. Dovonex helps in rejuvenating the skin by triggering the growth of new skin by shedding the old one.

How Dovonex shows it effects?

Calcipotriene present in the medicament is a synthetic or you can say man made vitamin D. Dovonex is specifically used to treat plaque psoriasis of the skin. In natural process, vitamin D is obtained from the sunlight.

Calcipotriene shows its action on binding with specific intracellular receptors present in the keratinocytes. The complex which is formed binds to a particular gene of a DNA resulting in transcription (it a process in which RNA polymerase an enzyme copied the DNA to RNA). At a certain concentration, Calcipotriene reduces the proliferation. Hence initiate the growth of new cell.  

Mode of administration

It is told to use the Dovonex topically as a thin layer. The drug should be used with the proper hygiene. You should wash your hand before and after applying the drug at an affected area. The amount is taken according told by the doctor or what is prescribed.

Application of Dovonex

Dovonex is mostly dispensed in the condition of plaque psoriasis with proper precaution. It heals the psoriasis by controlling the excessive growth of the cells. Eyes, ears, lips or genital organs should be protected from the exposure of Dovonex. If by mistake it happens, wash the exposed portion with water quickly.

Adversative effects

If you are having the symptoms of side effects stop using Dovonex and consult the medical help.

  • Sensation of burning and itching.
  • Development of rashes.
  • Increased thirst and urination.
  • There is a chance of loss of appetite.
  • Pain related to the muscles and joint
  • Person can have weakness and mood variation.
  • Skin get discolored
  • Breathing problem.
  • Skin also gets peeled.

When you should use Dovonex?

Dovonex is proved to be beneficial in plaque psoriasis. It is only used in the affected area. Another body part should be protected from it.

What are the contraindications related to Dovonex?

If there is any hypersensitivity due to some medicament, hypercalcemia or any vitamin D toxicity, Dovonex is not recommended.

Affect on Dovonex by other drugs

Dovonex shows certain interactions with the other drugs

  1. Sucralfate- serum concentration of sucralfate increases by Dovonex which raises the absorption of aluminium causing aluminium toxicities.
  1. Cholecalciferol- combination of Dovonex with other vitamin analog increases the toxicity.
  1. Aluminium hydroxide- it has a same effect as that of sucralfate.

On skipping a dose of Dovonex

Application of Dovonex should be done as soon as you recall before the timing of the next dose. If you missed the dose it is advised to skip it and continue the regimen.


In case of overdosing

  • Stop continuing the medicament.
  • Consult the doctor.
  • Use the drug as per the prescription.


Before going to use your medicine, you should inform your consultant about your medical history.

  • Skin cancer- when ultraviolet rays are used Dovonex; it increases the risk of occurrence of skin cancer.
  • High calcium level- excess usage of Calcipotriene results in high level of calcium.
  • Irritation- application of this medicine in case of skin folds increases the chances of irritation.
  • Pregnancy and breast feeding- this medicine is strictly prohibited in the duration of pregnancy.




Generic Calcipotriene (kal-si-poe-TRY-een) Topical
Strength Calcipotriene - Dovonex Ointment (30 gm)

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