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Beclovent Rotacaps

Beclovent Rotacaps

Beclovent Rotacaps contains beclomethasone as active participant of the drug which is a man-made steroid.  Beclamethasone is classified under the pharmacological class of glucocorticoid steroids which is a mimic of naturally-occurring glucocorticoid secreted by the adrenal gland in humans. Glucocorticoid steroids have anti-inflammatory nature that works to provide healing in symptoms of asthma. As patient uses this drug through an inhalation device, the medication acts directly on the airways muscles that are making breathing uneasy due to inflammation.

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Normally, patients with asthma are directed to have one to two puffs or inhalations in each nostril two times or two sprays in each nostril to be used one time in a day. The strength of dose depends on the patient.

As your asthma symptoms are getting better with the treatment, you may be suggested to reduce the dosages gradually. Patient should always been recommended with the lowest possible dose which is needed to control asthma symptoms.

Precautions for safe use

Beclovent Rotacaps (beclomethasone) use is not an appropriate option if patient:

  • has allergies or sensitivity reaction against beclomethasone or to other constituent of the drug;

  • has moderate-to-severe bronchiectasis in which his airways are damaged or are in poor condition or patient is diagnosed with status asthmaticus of critical asthma in which regular asthma treatments are not effective;

  • has medically untouched condition of fungal, bacterial, or tuberculosis infections especially in the lung.

Patient should follow the regular recommended dosages as per the prescription without altering or making any change.

This medication comes in the asthma attack preventer category and it will not provide any help in case of acute asthma attack.

Possible Side Effects associated with Beclovent Rotacaps

Like other medications, Beclovent Rotacaps is also reported with few side effects on infrequent occasions. Most of the side effects can be managed medically whereas others get better with time. Consult your medical advisor if you experience any of these or any other abnormal sign that bothers you. Side effects reported by less than 1% of patients using this treatment include:

  • headache

  • mouth, tongue, or throat irritation

  • nausea

  • pain

Other than the above, in very rare cases some serious problems might also occur that needs to be handled carefully by an expert. If you develop any of the below, rush to your medical advisor at the earliest:

  • sore, ulcers, or white patches in the mouth or throat

  • vision changes

  • symptoms of an allergic reaction (such as trouble in breathing, red rashes on skin, swelling or puffiness on the lips, tongue, throat, or face)

  • asthma symptoms getting worse even after using reliever medication

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