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Benzagel is an antibacterial preparation for the management of acne and other skin conditions. The drug is known to have the mild drying effects that make it easy for oils and dirt to get washed off from the face and skin easily. Mainly it is intended to treat the acne.

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Benzagel contains benzoyl peroxide which makes the gel a better solution for the acne treatment. It is an over the counter product that is used to as an anti-bacterial preparations. Even it is also used in regimen that has been prescribed for the treatment of acne condition. Benzagel is known to exert desquamative and anti-bacterial action. Desquamative causes the peeling off the skin after the bacteria begins to get reduce in number and making the skin oil free. It also provides mild peeling and keratolytic activity.

What is the use of Benzagel?

Benzagel is used to treat the acne condition whose severity ranges from mild to moderate condition.

How to take doses of Benzagel?

The dosage form of Benzagel is gel which is meant only for topical use. Benzagel is to be used one or two times in a day.

What are the negative aspects of Benzagel?

There are some side effects associated with Benzagel-

  • Less common or rare: patient may feel some irritation after applying on the skin like scorching, burning, crusting, itching, severe inflammation, or distension and rashes of skin.

  • Rare side effects- trouble in breathing, fall unconscious, pimples, burning, inflammation of the eyes, face, lips, or tongue and stiffness in the throat.

Condition in which the use of Benzagel is prohibited:

The use of Benzagel is contraindicated in certain cases otherwise can be harmful for health-

The use of Benzagel is not to be made in case the user feels allergic and hypersensitivity reactions.

Drug interactions that interacts with Benzagel-

Before using the Benzagel be careful in case you are already using any other medicine already. Simultaneous use of two drugs can be harmful. The drugs that show interactions with benzoyl peroxide are dapsone if used on skin or along with some other topical preparations.  

Safety methods to be adopted-

There are some safety measures that are to be adopted while the medication of Benzagel-

  • Not to be used in the patient is allergic to benzoyl peroxide.

  • Apply carefully it should not come in contact with eyes, ears, and nose.

  • Pregnant and nursing mother should consult with doctor prior using this medicine.

  • Avoid sunscreen usage especially that contains PABA as it can cause the discoloration of the skin.

  • Do not apply it on the wounded and cut skin.

Storage condition for Benzagel:

Keep the container of the Benzagel at room temperature. Benzagel should be placed away from heat, light and humidity. Keep the drug away from the reach of the children and pets.

In case of overdosing of the Benzagel:

If you miss a dose of Benzagel then apply it at once you got remembered. In case if it is getting the time for the next dose then ignore it and continue with the regular dosing plan.

In case of overdosing of the Benzagel:

Overdosing of any drug can be harmful if it is overdosed. The overdosing of Benzagel causes the burning, irritating, scaling, soreness, or swelling of skin that can be severe.

Generic Benzagel-Persol Gel-Benzoyl Peroxide Gel
Strength Benzagel-Persol Gel-Benzoyl Peroxide Gel

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