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Birth Control

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What is the significance of birth control or contraception methods in our life?

Every person has his or her sexual needs and it is complete a personal decision. Apart from providing pleasure sexual contact also opens the door for some unwanted health risks. No, it’s not like that sex is not good for health but the risks of unwanted pregnancy and exposure to sexually transmitted diseases can’t be ignored. To keep you safe from these kinds of health risks, medicinal world offers different kinds of protection aids that efficiently work to guard health. Birth control and contraception methods of different types are designed to help you enjoy sex without worrying about risks of unplanned pregnancy and severe STDs.

What are the hormonal methods of birth control?

Among many available methods hormonal medicines are one of the favorite choices of females globally. However, it is important that selection of birth control measure should be done after consulting overall health condition with doctor. Some of the hormonal birth control measures are listed here:
Birth control pill or oral contraceptive medicines

This method is also commonly known as “the pill,” or “everyday pills”. This medication is a combination of female hormones estrogen and progestin to avoid pregnancy and it is available in different hormone dosages. This method doesn’t guard from dangers of STDs due to unprotected sex. Use of Condoms is recommended to safeguard from dangers of STDs.

Contraceptive ring

The contraceptive ring is used inside the vagina in a specific way which helps in releasing female hormones estrogen and progestin. The contraceptive ring hurdles the regular ovulation process in female body to avoid pregnancy.

Some other methods are also available in the market that provide help in avoiding unplanned preganacy.