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Bladder - Prostate

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What is Bladder – Prostate and how it can be managed?
Bladder – Prostate is a disease found in male population. It affects the prostate glands in males which is a major part of reproductive system. The walnut sized gland is located below the neck of the bladder and it surrounds the urethra. It produces a milky fluid which is essential for the survival of sperms and it is part of semen that works to feeds and protect the sperms. With growing age body experiences many changes including in urinary system. Sometimes these changes may be caused due to inflammation or the enlargement of the prostate gland. Though, it is not compulsory that enlarged prostate gland will always cause urinary problems. It may be a result of bladder infection or prostate cancer.

In such condition patients may experience following symptoms:
failure to urinate
Incomplete emptying of bladder
Issues at the end of peeing
Pain while urinating or bloody urine
Delayed start of the urinary stream
Frequent urination
Weak urine stream
Different types of combination drug therapies are used to manage patient’s symptoms. To relieve the symptoms of enlarged prostate certain drugs are approved by the FDA and along with these 5-alpha reductase inhibitor medicines and Alpha blockers are also prescribed.