A healthy intimate life laid down the strong foundation of the relationship. If you share a strong intimate relation with your partner then it becomes easy to understand each other, relieve each other's stress and can admit to solve many of the issues between you two, without uttering any word or fighting. However, there are times when the couple is unable to enjoy the act, one of the reasons that are nowadays is most prevailing in men are an erectile failure or dysfunction. A disease in which man is not able to arouse or fail to achieve an erection that is hard and long lasting in bed. If you are also one of those, who is struggling with penile failure that none medicine can work best as Sildenafil Geneic Cenforce, Fildena.


Sildenafil Cenforce, Fildena is a medicine that acts by inhibiting the function of Isoenzyme called Phosphodiesterase, responsible for causing breakdown of cGMP. Due to blockage of an enzymatic action, the concentration of cGMP within the male corpus cavernosum increases that later enables the underlying smooth muscle fibers along with blood vessels to relax or calm down and then dilate to allow a higher amount of blood to flow through the blood vessels and tissues. This later enables the penile to stand erect for duration lengthier than usual.


Cenforce is one of the most sold medicines (enfolding Sildenafil citrate as major functional moiety) among male population of the age 18 to 65 years for the management of their erectile dysfunction or ED. The dosing for Cenforce-Fildena is available in four different strengths such as 50mg, 150, 100mg and 200mg. The beginners of this therapy can initiate the medicine from the lowest possible dose of 50 mg or can follow the directions as per the prescription of the physician. Swallow unit dose with ample amount of water prior 60 minutes of relishing the physical intimacy with the partner. The medicine once taken lasts its effect for duration minimum 5 hours and do not repeat the dose in next 24 hours.


Some common response that a man can come across while relying on ED healing therapy Cenforce-Fildena are facial flushing with pink eyes, mild to a moderate headache, pain in chest and lower back, shortness of breath, blurry vision, stuffy nose, and Priapism that is long lasting erection with a rash over the penile skin.


Some precautions that you have to follow with Sildenafil Cenforce therapy are maintaining a safer distance from the rich fatty food (Cheeseburger, pizza); grapefruit and grapefruit juice, excessive intake of caffeinated and alcoholic beverages might act to aggravate the side effects in the patient. Consult the physician before taking the Penegra if you are already relying on Nitrates therapy.


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