Careprost: It will work better than you can expect, actually.


Bimatoprost is a prominent ingredient of Careprost or Latisse eye drop and is the most suggested treatment for treating open-angle glaucoma and lengthening the short eyelashes. Since while using for glaucoma treatment, Bimatoprost emerged as a side effect for gaining thicker and longer eyelashes and this becomes a treatment later for the condition of hypotrichosis of short and inadequate eyelashes.  Now Bimatoprost in brands of Latisse and Careprost is extensively used to enhance the growth of eyelashes.


Bimatoprost treatment boosts the development of eyelashes to lengthen the length of eyelashes and nurture fresh eyelashes.


Working of Latisse and Careprost:

Bimatoprost, the active therapeutically ingredient of Latisse and Careprost comes in the class of prostaglandins. For the treatment of glaucoma condition, Bimatoprost acts by decreasing the eye pressure by reducing the outflow of liquid from the eye. It is believed that the Bimatoprost application increases the time of growth phase of the hair and reduces the resting phase. This will lead to lengthening the hair follicles of eyelashes and make your eyelashes grow big, darker and fuller.


A user of Bimatoprost may experience few side effects that may include itchiness, dry eyes, irritation in eyes, and inflammation of the eyelid, eye discoloration, dizziness, and discomfort feeling in the eyes.


Bimatoprost eye drop brands show drug interaction if used with any other ophthalmic medication, which is not recommended to be used with Bimatoprost eye drop. Application of Bimatoprost eye drop should not be done if you are wearing contact lenses. The user must remove the contact lenses prior to the use of Bimatoprost eye drop. Bimatoprost eye drop does not mean to be used if you are known to exhibit hypersensitivity towards Bimatoprost or any other element of Latisse and Careprost. Bimatoprost is unsuitable to be used by patients with liver, kidney, or respiratory disorder. It is not intended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Use of Bimatoprost:

For the growth of eyelashes: Careprost or Latisse solution is easy to use and needs to be applied for one time in a day especially during the evening time with the help of a clean and dry applicator or an eyeliner brush. Place one drop of Bimatoprost at the tip of the brush and starts to draw a line on the upper eyelid margin. Repeat the same in the second eye but do not apply to the bottom eyelid.


Avoid the use of Bimatoprost eye drop to other body parts, as this may lead to the unwanted growth of hair. Usually, the response of Bimatoprost can be seen within 8 weeks of use, but needs to be continued for 12-16 weeks.


Never use Bimatoprost eye drop if you have any other ophthalmic condition. If you have to use any other eye medication or contact lenses, then use them after a period of 10-15 minutes. 


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