Your bonding or love can reach an amazing height longings and desire. Intimate expressions and feeling to each other is the description of love that couples portray to have between them. Undoubtedly, the boon of lovemaking is influential and prominent. Therefore, every couple earns the offerings that intimate sessions can put forward your relationship.


However, because of the difficult and complicated nature of intimacy, it becomes tricky to manage a pleasurable lovemaking life. It can lead to dwindling intimate life in case you and your partner are dealing with unsatisfactory intimacy. That can be because of any partners that affect their sexual life and actions.



If we consider the case of men, then the most affecting dysfunction is the erectile one or impotency in which a man is incapable of attaining and holding an erection enough stiff to complete a lovemaking session. Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is nothing but a symptom of low blood supply towards the male genital part that constrains the required erection for a pleasurable intimacy. However, there is no need to face the failings anymore as we are presenting you with the most renowned medication for treating the condition of ED is by the name of Fildena drug.


Fildena is a significant brand name for Generic Sildenafil citrate, which falls in the category of drugs called as PDE-5 (Phosphodiesterase) inhibitor. The main action of Fildena (Sildenafil) drug is to block the working of Phosphodiesterase enzyme and cut off the decline of cGMP (cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate). This will lead to the activation of Nitric oxide (NO) and unites with cGMP. It builds up the loosening and widening of blood vessels in male reproductive part that will further result in the enhanced supply of blood during a physical relationship. This procedure helps to handle the stretched erection.


Method to administer Fildena:

Fildena is available in different strengths of 50mg and 100mg pills. A male dealing with ED is suggested to consume Fildena drug orally with enough quantity of water. You are advised to swallow the pill 45-60 minutes prior to the intercourse regardless of the meals, but you should maintain a diet of low-fat content. It is never advised to take more than a pill of Fildena in one day, as one dose of Fildena drug is active for next 4-5 hours. The only mandate condition is that you must be sexually aroused while you are engaging in an intimacy until this time duration.



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Some general and temporary side effects of Fildena drug include nausea, backaches, sickness, headache, blocked nose, indigestion, dyspepsia, and hazy vision. These side effects will become severe if you take more than prescribed dose and consume alcohol along with the Fildena drug.


A user of Fildena drug must follow someprecautions while taking Fildena such as:

  • In the case of oversensitivity to any component of Fildena drug, it is never advised to take Fildena medication.
  • Grapefruit juice and its products are not suggested while you are on Fildena drug as it changes the effectiveness of Fildena.
  • If you have or had a history of blood pressure problem, heart disease, liver or kidney ailment, then you must not take the Fildena drug.
  • Males of below the age of 18 years should not take Fildena drug.


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