Who does not want to attain those beautiful eyes with such an intensifying eyelashes? In order to complete the look, women use false eyelashes to add extensions in their eyelashes and use various expensive cosmetic products to add volume to them.  


However, now there is no need to use such expensive and false products to add length in your eyelashes. Careprost is one of the most renowned products that grows your eyelashes naturally and add length, thickness, density in your short and insufficient eyelashes.



Careprost is recommended to people with scanty or no eyelashes, which is called as hypotrichosis of eyelashes. Careprost (Bimatoprost) is also helpful in treating the condition of glaucoma also by reducing the eye pressure. When Careprost is used for eyelashes, then it can lead to lengthening the anagen phase and reduce the telogen phase. This can boost the length of short eyelashes and make your lashes intensified.


Careprost eye drop is used externally when used for eyelashes and there is no need to instill the solution into the eyes. Use Careprost only for one time a day at the evening time only with the help of an applicator or a clean and dry eyeliner brush. Initiate the use of solution by starting to draw the line of one drop of solution at the margin of an upper eyelash, beginning from the inner side to the outer side. Wipe the excess liquid with a tissue paper and do not worry if the solution instills in your eyes. Do not use on lower eyelid as it automatically touches the lower one when you close the eyes.


Use the Careprost eye drop for lengthening the eyelashes in a continuous manner for 12-16 weeks. You may notice changes within 8 weeks of continuous use of Careprost eye drop but do not stop the application. When a user is on Careprost usage, then he or she may experience some undesirable responses of eye irritation, itching, iris pigmentation, and eye pain, and vision disturbance, sense of burning in eyes, redness or dryness in eyes.



Before using Careprost ophthalmic solution, make sure you have removed your contact lenses and makeup if you are a user of those. It is also recommended not to use any other ophthalmic preparation while you are relying on Careprost. In case you need to use any other solution in eyes, then wait for 10 minutes after using Careprost and then use the other eye drop. Contact lenses can be reinserted after 10 minutes of using Careprost eye drop if needed. Use of Careprost is not suggested to be used in eyes with any infection or any other ophthalmic condition. Use Careprost with caution in pregnancy and breastfeeding.


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