You work whole day all through the week, but when the weekend comes, you decide to go for an outdoor activity. Exercise after a long break may stretch your muscles and that would result in muscle soreness, which takes many days to go by itself. Acute soreness is normal but when it becomes chronic that does not go away, it is to be taken care of. Do not let your muscle pain go severe.


Any harsh physical work may bring about muscle injury. You will begin to feel the pain after a day which goes intense day by day. We cannot always be caution about harsh activities. There are many number of things that you cannot avoid. You must know that upper body exertion causes more pain than lower body exertion. Being in crippled condition due to your muscle pain is depressing. Minor muscle stiffness can disrupt your all days’ work. You can get faster relief in a shorter duration of time with Soma. Keep Soma besides you and be a part of active lifestyle always.



Soma has key component as Carisoprodol that disrupts the pain sensations going from site of injury to brain. It is effective for muscle pain along with mild exercises and rest. You can have relief from your muscle pain at once by using Soma.



It is advisable to take Soma 350 mg thrice per day or 500 mg twice per day and at bedtime. Swallow it with a good quantity of water. You can have it for two to three weeks depending on your muscle pain. Do not ingest excess of medication to cope up previous one.



  • Soma is not allowed in patients who have a history of drug abuse.
  • Soma can cause mild dizziness, so stop consuming alcohol with it.
  • If you take Soma for longer duration then you may have withdrawal symptoms, so restrict its use for longer time.
  • Make sure to let your doctor know if you have epilepsy, or liver/kidney disorder.
  • Keep this medication in the secure zone away from children.
  • Not approved for use in patients below 12 years.    
  • Avoid sleeping pills, narcotic medications, or cold medicines as they may induce sleepiness in patients.     



Soma side effects you should be careful of areas:


  • Fainting, loss of coordination
  • Vision loss, agitation
  • Extreme weakness, seizure
  • Drowsiness, dizziness
  • Tremor, headache, fainting
  • Blurred vision, insomnia, confusion
  • Nausea, vomiting, depression, irritable feeling


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