A man is said to be attracted by the woman who is bold in his attitude, stylish in dressing sense, talks softly, full of patience. However, the thing attracts the men sensuallyin a girl is her lean body with fuller curves and the way she response to the touch of yours and talks.It's not always that a man has to initiate for the sensual drive a woman is also eligible for the same. In fact, boys adore the girls more, who arealways ready to take the initiation for the intimacy. It's theequal responsibility of the couple to make each other aroused for asensual relationship to maintain the spice in the relationship.A girl can easily draw a boy for coziness by her sensuous moves, lusty kisses; the most important smile and the way she is gazing into the eyes of the person are enough to arouse the men for intimacy. But after putting so much of effort in relation if the girl does not get the same in return, then she almost turns crazy and for sure will not going to continue relation with you.Then, boys, it's high time to overcome yourself from the dysfunction of erectile and to safeguard your relation.



Thus, enable the intimate organ to stand erect for duration lengthier than usual with improved measurements making the act more sensuous and pleasurable.

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction, a man can consume asingle dose of Suhagra within theduration of 24 hours in a manner prescribed by the physician after analyzing your medical condition.The dose is available in strengths 50, 100 and 150mg to be taken orally via mouth with ample amount of water, 60 minutes prior of relishing the intimate act. You can take the medicine either in the presence or in absence of food. The medicine once taken exhibits its effect for duration minimum 5 hours

The patient relying on Suhagra may feel some bothersome effects such as back pain, headache, blurred vision, nausea, vomiting, ringing sensation in ears, and prolonged or painful erection.



The minimum precautionary measures to be taken by the patient suffering from erectile dysfunction are like keeping a distance from the rich fatty diet and grapefruit juice. Consuming alcohol and excess caffeinated beverages might aggravate the symptoms of internal bleeding. Prescribing medicine to the men out the range of 18 to 65 years is not a healthy option to do so. If in case, the patient develops any hypersensitivity after the medicine intake than he should immediatelyomit its intake and seek for physician's advice.

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