I have only spoken out this story with close friends, but optimistically by sharing my friend story, others can relate.  My friend was having worse acne during her middle school, higher school and even in college too.  With time her acne getsworse and her complete face becomes red. Acne affects its self-esteem also and she decided to avoid many things in her life, she did not click photos of herself, if she did, she used to do editing to cover up acne, She love to do club drama, but because of acne she afraid, as she does not want to disclose her acne face in front of world. Even she stop approaching the boy she like during her higher school. Acne was constantly darning down her moral or self-worth, as acne is not a thing, which can be cover with aface or makeup. It was also impressive that was the main characteristic you notice when speaking to someone is aface. 

Every time she was talking to someone, she thought that she/he was looking at her acne. In many ways, acne mentally crippled her. Finally, she visits dermatologist and doctor prescribed her Retin-A cream. First, she studies about thedrug on thenet, as she never uses any product without knowing what the product opt and how it works. After her research, she started using Retin-A cream on regular basis and soon she gets acne free, flawless face. 

It shows it's action by opening the blocked pores and therefore allowing the natural oil-producing gland to work properly. It also assists in loosening the dead skin cells and assist in the ordinary exfoliation of the outer skin layers.

The best effectual strength of Retin-A cream is a concentration of 0.1%.  Retin-A cream is spread on the skin one time in a day. Before applying the cream on affected area, wash your hand and the affected area, which you are treated and leave it dry for 15 minutes. After that, clean the face with a dry towel. Then take a pea-sized amount of cream and apply it on the affected area with fingertips very efficiently. Do not apply it near portion of eyes and nose. Initiate the treatment by applying the cream once in a three days.



One may feel some side effects which includes Dryness of mucous membranes, dryness of skin with scaling, fragility, , erythema, cheilitis, pruritus, Hair thinning, sweating, mood changes,photosensitivity, changes in skin pigmentation, and paronychia.

Some safety measure that need to be taken enclose Do not use the cream for acne management if you are allergic to any component of the drug. Stay away from sun exposure while you are relying on Retin-A cream. Shun waxing on affected area while using Retin- A cream. Do not apply any lotion, sunburn cream, skin whitener cream while relying on treatment with Retin-A cream.