However, a number of people pay out their time and wealth in saloon and parlous formerly or twice in a month but some parts of our body need daily care include our hairs face and our eyes. Eyes are the chief part of our body so need little additional attention.


The moment you meet someone, you firstly look into the eyes. Eyes are a most easy-to-read aspect of the character. Hence, you must give special care for your eyes.


Latisse eye drop contains Bimatoprost as an active ingredient. Latisse connects as prostamide to the identical receptor present in the eyes to amplify the flow of aqueous humor from the eye and decreased the risk of hypotrichosis and balance the pressure of fluid.


You should know how to apply Latisse         

Then get the eyeliner brush and drop a few drops of Latisse on it and apply a skinny coat along with the upper eyelashes. After applying this formulation if there is any excess liquid then remove it with the help of cotton.


Latisse should never be applied on the lower eyelid. With regular use of Latisse, the positive result will be seen in 2 months. If you missed the dose apply it as soon as possible if you are already near to the time of next dose then skip the dose and continue to your regular dosage schedule.


Latisse should not be used under certain medical conditions as it is highly contraindicated:

  • The Latisse should not be used by an individual who is suffering from any renal and hepatic disorder than do not use Latisse.
  • Never apply this medication if you are having a hypersensitive reaction with the generic drug Bimatoprost and other inactive ingredients if the drug. 
  • You should not use Latisse if you are pregnant women and lactating mothers.
  • If you are using other herbal and non-prescription medication then doesn't use this medication.

Adverse effects you may face;

It is very common for that person to face certain side effects of Latisse who are using such as annoyance in eyes, unclear vision and unnecessary hair growth of eyelids.


Important precautionary measures you much take care while on treatment with Latisse;

  • Latisse may root unnecessary hair growth in the areas touched by it so remain awareness while applying.
  • In the case of having any eye operation use Latisse only following doctor introduction.
  • Keep your eyes protected with sunglasses while leaving out to direct sunlight.
  • You have to use this eye drop continuously for 5-6 months if you wanted to get perfect results.


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