This medicine comprises of generic Carisoprodol as an active component which makes it a very effective medicine.  It is available in the doses of 350mg and 500mg. This medicine is used for the treatment of various musculoskeletal pain in the body. The invention of this medicine has helped people to live a pain free life and has brought smiles on their faces. Pain o soma functions by blocking the neurotransmitters of pain present at the site of injury. This leads to the alteration in the sensation of pain , hence the feeling of pain vanishes.

Prescribed dose of Pain o soma

 A person suffering from pain should consume one tablet of generic Carisoprodol along with a glass of water. The maximum dose of this medicine should not exceed more than 1400mg in a day. This medicine can be consumed with or without food.

You should avoid crushing and breaking of this tablet and swallow it as whole to prevent the sudden exposure of the overdose of this medicine.

Conditions in which pain o soma should not be consumed are:

  • Intake of pain o soma should be avoided in case of a person suffering from various renal and hepatic impairment.
  • A person having hypersensitivity towards generic Carisoprodol should avoid ingestion of this medicine.
  • A person having history of drug or alcohol addiction should avoid intake of this medicine.
  • This medicine should not be consumed by a person having history of epileptic or seizure disorder.

Intake of pain o soma may lead to various unwanted ill effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, tiredness, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting, depression, feeling irritated, hiccups, stomach upset and headache.



Important points to be kept in mind while administering Pain o soma tablet are:

  • You should avoid intake of alcohol or any product containing alcohol along with this medicine as it may worsen the side effects of this medicine.
  • Do not consume this medicine for more than 2-3 weeks as it makes you addicted to this medicine.
  • Geriatric and pediatric patients should consume this medicine with extreme caution as they are more sensitive towards the side effect of this medicine.
  • Intake of Pain o soma may impair your thinking and reaction, so you should avoid driving or doing any work that requires complete alertness and quick response.

From where should I buy Pain o soma tablet?

Pain o soma tablet is available on various online pharmacy store at a discounted price. For purchasing pain o soma medicine online you should place an order on the website and your order will get delivered at the doorsteps within few working days.