A man who goes through the problem of erectile dysfunction is not capable to achieve or maintain an erection. Emotions and erections are unavoidablyconnected to each other. Strain, performance and anxiety issues can lead to negative impacts on a male sensual response. Most of the men are worried about their performance on bed and if they are not able tosatisfy their partner then they can experience performance anxiety.


With the advancement in science and technology, Tadagra has been invented as a powerful medication for managing erection problems. It is available in various doses of 20mg, 40mg and 60mg. You should buy Tadagra online from our store at a very reasonable price. Tadagra containing generic Tadalafil functions by blocking phosphodiesterase type- 5 enzyme. This leads to the relaxation of smooth muscles resulting in an increased flow of blood to the penile region, thus causing an erection.



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Dose of Tadagra

You should consume one tablet of this medicine along with a glass of water. It should be consumed 30 minutes before the intimacy session. You should avoid consumption of more than one tablet in a day and avoid intake of fatty meals few hours before and after the administration of this medicine as it slows down the effect of this medicine.


Circumstances in which Tadagra should not be consumed:

  • If a person is having history of hypersensitivity towards generic Tadalafil, then this medicine should not be consumed.
  • In case of liver and kidney disease, this medicine should not be used.
  • Do not consume this medicine, if you are going through the problem of high blood pressure.


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Various unwanted effects shown by Tadagra are blurred vision, hearing problem, nausea, sweating, feeling of illness, pounding heartbeat, swelling in hands, ankle or feet, headache, cold, stomach disturbance and body aches.


Safety tips to be followed while administering Tadagra are:

  • Consumption of grape fruit or grape juice along with this medicine leads to reduced bioavailability of this medicine.
  • Alcohol or any product containing alcohol should not be consumed along with this medicine as it may increase the unwanted effects of this medication.
  • Intake of this medicine is not recommended for adolescents of less than 18 years.
  • Ingestion of nitrate drugs along with Tadagra leads to reduced blood pressure, so Tadagra should not be consumed along with nitrate drugs.
  • This medicine makes a person feel sleepy and lethargic so you should avoid driving or performing any task that requires full concentration.

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