Deciding when to start using birth control and choosing a method that will work foryou is an important decision.Deciding to have intercourse is a very personal choice. Intercourse also involves how you feel aboutyourself and others, how you relate to people and the choices you make. Intercourse is healthyand enjoyable; however it can also be risky. Protection needs to be used whenever youare sexually active to prevent pregnancy.


Birth Control pill contains two ingredients known as estrogen and progesterone. These are a characteristic hormone that is found in the human body and has a noteworthy part in the proliferation procedure. It manages development and capacity of the uterus that is fundamental to continue the pregnancy. Birth Controlpills apply their activity by precluding the changing of cervical bodily fluid to restrain the passage of male sperm through the cervix. It additionally impedes the uterine coating for the implantation of treated egg to irritate the ovulation procedure.


Method of administration of Birth Control pills:

Anti-conception medication pill comes in two structures one is 21 pills pack and another is 28 pills pack. In the event that you need to utilize 21 pills packs take one tablet every day consistently for 21 days from the most recent day of your monthly cycle period. When you completed 21 tablets you ought to sit tight for 7 days. On the eighth day, you can begin crisp pack once more.


On account of 28 pills pack you need to take 21 hormonal pills first for 21 successive days and after that manage remaining 7 hormonal pills for seven days to finish the measurements. In the wake of finishing you can begin new dose.


You should use these pills routinely on time every day. If you missed the dose, you have to take two pills as a single dosage on your dosing plan. If you have missed the two dosages then you need to take two pills as a solitary dosage in your next two sequential dosing plans. Ifyou have missed 3 dosing timetable or more you have to relinquish the general dosing plan and again begin new pack.



While taking birth control pills you need to follow a few tips for example:

  • This medication is contraindicated if you are allergic to ingredient present in the birth control pills.
  • If you are patient of blood clumps, or bosom growth, liver and kidney malady or uterine disease then donot use this medicine.
  • You should not smoke while taking this medication and doesn't use alcohol as it can bring about antagonistic impacts.
  • If you are over 35 years old you are not suggested to take this drug.


While utilizing this drug you may confront some common side effects such as stomach upset, mood swings, unsteadiness, spotting, modification in menstrual periods, and breast tenderness.