Careprost Eye Drop-

The circumstance of tiny, fewer and inadequate eyelashes lead to the condition of hypotrichosis of eyelashes. Therefore, the major function of Careprost eye drop is in the treatment of hypotrichosis condition of eyelashes and you can attain the mesmerizing appearance with dark, long, thick, and dense eyelashes.  


Bimatoprost is the functional constituent present in Careprost eye drop, which is believed to be a prostaglandin analog medication.  In addition, to eyelash enhancement, Careprost (Bimatoprost) eye drop is accountable to treat the condition of glaucoma or high pressure in eyes. Thus, Careprost works to reduce the pressure by increasing the outflow of liquid from the eyes. The major functional deed of Careprost drug during a hair growth series is to augment the anagen phase and diminish the telogen phase. This, in turn, gives your short eyelashes the reality of long eyelashes.


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Way to use Careprost-

Since eyes are the most sensitive part of our body, thus the application and preventive measures should be considered while using the Careprost eye drop. Prior to the use of Careprost eye drop, always clear your makeup and remove your contact lenses if you use those. Wash your hands and then place a drop of Careprost at the tip of the applicator provided or on a clean and dry eyeliner brush. Draw a line at the upper margin of eyelash starting from the inner part to the outer region. Wipe out the excess liquid and do not worry if the solution gets into the eyes. A single drop of solution a day during nighttime is sufficient to attain the benefits within 8 weeks of regular use, but you need to continue the application for 12-16 weeks. Careprost eye drop is instilled into the eyes while treating glaucoma. While relying on Careprost eye drop for eyelashes, a user may notice some temporary side effects of the drug such as pigmentation of the iris, burning sensation, drowsiness, and headache, redness in eyes, dry eyes, itching, or visual disturbance.


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Noteworthy points to consider while using Careprost-

  • Avoid the contact or touch of Careprost bottle tip to any surface even to eyes, or the drug would contaminate that can lead to eye infection.
  • Us8ing more than one ophthalmic drug should be avoided and if you are needed to do so, then maintain a gap of 15 minutes between both the drugs.
  • If needed, then you can re-insert the lenses after 15minutes of using the Careprost eye drop.
  • Using Careprost in certain medical ailments is not useful as in any other condition or infection in eyes and allergic reactions to any moiety of Careprost eye drop.


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