It might be exceptionally disturbing when your penile is not working legitimately. Erectile dysfunction can hamper your connections. It is not just man's issue, they both should be tolerant. There are a large number of instances of erectile dysfunction. You require not be anxious and humiliated as a result of this. Suhagra, a Sildenafil citrate drug, is utilized to keep an erection in man for sex. Sildenafil averts degeneration of cGMP.



This expansion in the level of cGMP causes vasodilation of smooth muscles because of which there is an overwhelming stream of blood into penile tissues. Suhagra is utilized for keeping an erection when one turns out to be sexually energized. At the point when a man turns out to be sexually energized penile loads with substantial blood stream which brings about an erection. After sexual closeness, the blood streams back and henceforth erection closes.

The prescribed dose of Suhagra is 50 mg that ought to be devoured no less than one hour before the sexual execution. Specialist will endorse dosages as indicated by the seriousness of the condition. The highest dosage is up to 100 mg not more than that.



Not prescribed in patients who are easily affected to this medication, not to be given with nitrate type of medications. It is completely contraindicated in a man who is confined to have sex on account of heart issues.