Soma enfolds generic Carisoprodol as the active constituent. For every muscle ache issue, this medicine is super effective to provide results. Whether you are facing muscle spasms or your trouble has started due to over exhausted muscles or you have accidentally injured your soft muscle tissues or any other muscle pain conditions – one solution can work unanimously for all – Soma muscle relaxer! This is a medically authorized medication for the purpose, so there is one more reason for trying it.

Soma information and side effects:-

  • Soma is also a prominent name in the category of centrally acting muscle relaxants. It is work full to create healing effects for people facing injury, surgery, strain, sprain, spasm, pulling of muscle and tearing of ligaments like difficult conditions.
  • As said, this is a worldwide used and practiced centrally acting muscle pain reliever and therefore it works on the CNS (central nervous system) to relax tensed skeletal muscles. Many prescribers used it in athletes too for swift recovery following an injury.
  • Available in strengths of 350 mg and 500mg, Soma muscle relaxer is generally used in repeated dosing schedule. In general, repetition of prescribed dose in the gap of six to eight hours is good enough to resolve muscle pain conditions. The pill can be swallowed with a glass full of water or any drink of your choice with or without having meals.
  • While taking Soma, don’t try to overdose as it can result in disturbing your health. The higher dose limit for adult users is 1400mg and it must be used in a small portion of repeated dosages as per prescription recommendations.
  • The effects of Soma muscle relaxer are quite good for relieving your muscle pain condition but, in certain cases, it is also found guilty of causing side effects. General side effects of Soma include blurred vision, change in eyesight, sleepiness that continues day long, confusion, feeling of nausea and stomach upset.
  • General precautions and warnings that can help you get safer medication with Soma 350mg muscle relaxer are included here. You can read the detailed guideline of use, contradictions and other important precautions at the product page.
  • Using Soma 500mg may make you feel dizzy in the daytime and affect your daily course. During the treatment period with this muscle relaxer avoid driving or any other rigorous activities that command full attention and alertness, especially just after having the medication.
  • Females should use this medication after proper medical consultation if they are planning for pregnancy in near future or are already pregnant or are nursing mothers. The medication may cause serious side effects on the growth of the unborn and newborn baby.  
  • As always recommended, during medication restricting alcohol intake is recommended. Use of alcohol can add to increase the possibilities of side effects related to dizziness and others on users.
  • This medication has a tendency to create dependence. You should avoid taking Soma muscle relaxer for a longer duration or in higher strengths dosages. Follow the recommendations of prescription and end your medication as listed.