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Careprost (With Brush) - 3 ml. (0.03%)

Careprost plus eye drop is used to manage an eye condition called glaucoma. It is also used to grow eyelashes in the people who have not sufficient amount of eyelashes. Careprost plus eye drop is one of the frequently used prescribed or used eye care solution for glaucoma and eyelash growth. It is an FDA approved medication, so it is available under prescription. You can buy Careprost Plus eye drop at our online pharmacy store.

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Careprost eye drop is the trusted and reliable eye solution which is used to treat glaucoma and to grow the eyelashes. The key ingredients of the solution are Bimatoprost and Timolol Maleate.

In glaucoma, it works by inhibiting the over secretion of eye’s natural fluids called aqueous humor. Aqueous humor is the prime culprit that is responsible for increased intraocular pressure in glaucoma patient. When the patients of glaucoma apply Careprost plus eye drop, it controls the release of the fluid by normalizing its concentration and reduce the pressure inside the eyes. Careprost plus eye drop facilitates the drainage of extra fluids out of the eyes. Thus, it gives you relief from the intraocular pressure.

For eyelash growth, it stimulates the eyelash follicles to grow in a better way than before, improving it quality in terms of density, brightness, thickness and longevity. It is also very useful to prevent eyelash fall.

Indications of Careprost Plus:

Careprost  is used to manage glaucoma and eyelash growth.

Drug Interactions of Careprost plus Eye drop:

Drug interaction is an important part of any drug which you cannot overlook, because it can cause serious complications for your health. So, you must tell your doctor about any drug is you are taking before starting to use Careprost Plus eye drop. Some of the drugs that may interact with Careprost are:

  • Drugs containing the similar ingredients.
  • Beta blockers.
  • Calcium channel blockers.
  • Xalatan eye drop.
  • Other.

The list mentioned above, is not a complete one. So, do not forget to inform your physician if you are taking any other medication.

Side Effects of Careprost Plus:

Some common side effects you may experience during the use of Creprost Plus eye drop, such as;

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Blurring of vision
  • Dizziness
  • Burning
  • Stinging

All the above mentioned side effects are temporary, that subsides themselves. But, contact your doctor immediately if the problem persists for a long time. Take medical help if you catch any kind of complication like swelling of the mouth, face, eyes, throat etc, breathing problem or rashes.

Method and dose Careprost Eye Drop:

Careprost Plus eye drop should be applied after consulting with a doctor, because the dosage can be different depending on the severity of the problem. The usual recommended dose is i-2 drop daily, twice or thrice in a day, as per the prescription.

To grow the eyelashes, it should be applied at bedtime as eye liner on the upper lid margin, stating from the corner of the eye to the outer side in just one stroke. You should only use the brushes or applicators that come along with the kit, because it is the most hygienic way to use the solution. You have to change the applicator after every use, which helps you to avoid bacterial contamination of the solution. It helps you to avoid any infection.


Avoid overdose because it may increase the risk to catch the side effects. Take medical help if you applied an overdose.

Missed dose:

Missed dose is recommended to take when you remember it, but skip it if you recall it near the next dose.


Seek medical help at once if you catch any allergic reaction during the use of Careprost Plus eye drop. Do not apply the medication if you allergic to Bimatoprost or other components of the solution. You should always strictly follow the instructions given by your doctor. Do not exceed the dose beyond the prescription dose, because the dosages are decided according to the condition and severity of the problem. The medication may be unsafe in some patients with certain medical conditions. So, it is always better to talk to your doctor if you have any other health issue before using the medication. Do not forget to inform your health care provider if you are under any treatment.

Immediately seek emergency medical care if you have any allergic or hypersensitive reaction. Common signs of a reaction include hives, swelling, skin rashes, chest pains, as well as trouble breathing or swallowing.


Generic Careprost (With Brush) - 3 ml. (0.03%)
Strength Careprost (With Brush) - 3 ml. (0.03%)

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