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Cerazette - 0.08mg

Cerazette is an oral contraceptive pills, containing Desogestrel as an active drug. It is also known as mini pill or estrogen free pill or POP” progesterone only pill”. Desogestrel is manmade progesterone, which works like the natural progesterone produced by the body. It is designed for those females who are allergic to estrogen or breast feeder.

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Cerazette acts as effective contraceptive pills, it acts by stopping the release of an egg from the ovary or preventing ovulation. Along with it, it increases the thickness of mucus of the cervix, making it difficult for the sperm to enter through the cervix.

 How to take it?

It is recommended to take this drug orally with a glass of water. To prevent stomach discomfort it is recommended to take it with food.

Cerazette tablets must be taken every day, at the same time to prevent pregnancy.


What to do in case of missed dose?

Take the missed dose as soon as you come to know about it, if it is not more than 12 hours late. In case it is more than 12 hours, you are at risk of getting pregnant. In this case, use an extra contraception method while doing sex, such as condoms, at least for the next two days, while continuing with your normal pill intake.

Undesirable side effects

Some undesired side effects include Mood disorder, nausea, irregular or no periods,  loss of sex interest, headache, acne, breast pain, weight gain, ovarian cysts,  infection of the vagina, vomiting, loss of the hair, pain during periods, tiredness. Some Rare side effects include skin rash, breast secretion or leakage, Hives, inflamed skin, blue-red skin lumps.


Safety tips

  • Don’t pick up any tablet from the pack. Take it according to the marked day on the pack.
  • In case you are using it the first time, it’s best to start it from the first day of your periods.
  • Don’t take this drug in case of pregnancy.
  • Avoid the intake of this drug in case of any allergy to desogestrel or any of its ingredients.
  • It is suggested to take this drug regularly at the same time, because its effect on the cervix mucous last for 24 hours only.
  • Avoid in case of having any abnormal vaginal bleeding or any history of thrombosis or blood clotting disease.
Generic Desogestrel 0.08
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