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Dental Care

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What are dental care medications?

According to dental issues, there are numerous different drugs that are prescribed by dentists such as treatment for certain oral diseases, preventive treatments of oral infections or pain control and anxiety reliever medicines. We offer a wide range of all oral medications.

The selection of oral treatment depends on patients overall health conditions after considering age, weight and other generic factors. Moreover, the instructions to use and strengths of treatment also get influenced by patient’s generic factors. The medicines offered by us match all the quality standard of renowned health organization.

Medicines to Control Pain and Anxiety

We offer local anesthesia, general anesthesia, and intravenous sedation medications in this section. These medications are commonly useful in dental procedures to help manage pain and anxiety in patients.

Common Anti-inflammatory medicines

Generally, the anti inflammatory medicines of the Corticosteroid category are prescribed by dentists to relieve discomforting symptoms of gum problems.

Anesthetic medications

Dentists take help of anesthetic medications to relieve pain or irritation in the mouth which may be caused due to toothache and sores in or around the mouth and other similar conditions. The use of dental care products is also identified to relieve pain and discomfort due to dentures or other dental appliances, including braces.