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An E-check or Electronic check is a process of payment. It facilitates you to make the payment directly from your account. It is an electronic process. It takes almost 3 to 4 days for clearing a check.

Benefits of using E-check:

  • It is a simple bank transaction

  • Safest mode of payment

  • Fast mode

  • Less chance of fraud

How much secure?

  • Requires authentication

  • Digital signature

  • Easy detection of duplication

How to make payment through E-check?

The payment option through E-check is only available for US customer. While making payment through the E-check you require providing the details of bank name, account holder name, account number, routing number, and cheque number.

Account number:It is a unique account identifier. Account number varies from 4 to 14 digits.

Routing number:It is a 9 digit number which denotes the financial institution to which the check belongs. They are present on the bottom of the check.


Check number:It is four digit number mentioned on the bottom of the check.

After taking the details from you, we process the e-check for the verification on check2pay. You will receive call from Check2pay Company and once you verified your details, the payment will be cleared.