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What is Epilepsy and how it can be treated?

Epilepsy is a health issues that is uniformly distributed around the world. It’s a kind of neurological disorder that is quite common. Generally, doctors describe it as recurrent seizures attack in any patient that originates in brain. Epilepsy, the word derived from a Latin word meaning “to seize up”. Human brain is a complex of billions of cells which process different kinds of information, thoughts and emotions at a same time.

The complex web neurons perform the essential tasks of brain and any defects in that may result in epilepsy. There may be different kinds of reasons behind epileptic seizures and in large number of cases the reasons behind the condition remain unsolved. Though, certain types of disease or brain injury are considered as main cause behind the condition.

Treatments to manage Epilepsy condition in patient:

The treatment can only be used after the formal diagnosis of seizures or epilepsy condition. Patients can buy medication according to their prescription from our store. There are different types of treatments that can be offered to patient of epilepsy by the prescriber. Following health conditions may influence the selection of treatment for any patient:

  • Abnormal EEG/ECG/MEG
  • Previous seizure
  • Other neurological disorders
  • Ageing

Depending on the above listed factors, patient may be advised with any anti seizure medication.