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Ganfort - Careprost Plus

Ganfort careprost Plus is an excellent eye solution which can help you in the growth of your eyelashes. This eye solution comes under the group of prostaglandin analogue. This medication is also helpful to manage the concentration of eye fluid. Ganfort careprost plus is also effective in glaucoma to reduce the intraocular pressure of the eye.

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Ganfort careprost plus is a prostaglandin analogue. The active ingredient of this medication is Bimatoprost. This solution is one of the best treatment option of glaucoma and the growth of eyelashes.

It should be used as per your doctor’s instruction to avoid the unwanted side effects. You should be caution in using this medication if you are pregnant and breast-feeding.

Ganfor careprost is very safe to use. This medication is available at a very cheap price. You can buy Ganprost careprost plus online from our website which is dedicated to provide 100% pure medications.

 Benefits of Ganfort careprost plus:

  • This eye solution is very effective for the growth of the eyelashes. It improves the thickness, density and also length of the eyelashes.
  • It reduce the intraocular pressure of the eye occurs in glaucoma.
  • Reduce the dryness of the eyes.


Ganfort careprost eye drop should be kept away from the children and pets. Store it below the temperature of 30 degree C, in a dry and moist free place. This medication should be protected from heat and sunlight.


Always use this medication under the instruction of your doctor. The recommended dose of this eye solution is once in a day.

Method of use:

Ganfort careprost plus eye solution should be used in the following steps:

  • Before using the medication, you should always wash your hand with a mild medicated soap.
  • You should always remember to remove all the eye make-ups before using this eye solution.
  • Do not forget to remove your contact lens before using this eye drop.
  • Apply Ganfort eye drop only with the applicator that are available with the pack.
  • Apply the solution on the margin of the upper eyelid.
  • Always change the applicator before using a fresh dose.
  • Dispose the used applicator.
  • Warning to remember is that never apply the solution in the lower eyelids.

Missed Dose:

Do not miss a dose. If you miss a dose, use the solution as soon as you remember it. But never use it near the time of next dose. Do not apply a double dose.


If you use a double dose, contact your physician immediately to avoid the complication.

Possible side effects:

Side effects of this medication are rare and do not seen in all the people use this eye solution. Some of the possible side effects are:

  • Redness of the eye
  • Pain in eye
  • Eye infection
  • Dryness
  • Changes in the vision
  • Discoloration of the iris

Call your doctor if you develop any other side effect.


Take some precaution in using Ganfort careprost plus eye drop. Some of the important steps are:

  • No need to worry if the solution enters into the eyes.
  • Always maintain the hygiene before using the medication.
  • Avoid touching the lid of the container of the medication to protect from contamination.
  • You should always close the cap of the container tightly.
  • Do not use this medication if you are hypersensitive to this medication.
  • Take your doctor’s suggestion before using this medication if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.    
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