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Generic Patanol is an important antihistamine drug that is highly demanded among the patients all over the world. This medicine treats allergic symptoms such as watery eyes, itching, inflammation, etc. The patient should not miss the dose as recommended by the doctor if they want to get rid of the problem within prescribed time-frame. In addition, the medicine should not be shared with any another person even though requirement is same. Buy Patanol online today and get a healthy life.

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Generic Patanol is an effective medicine that is known to belong to the class of drug named as antihistamines. This medicine is widely demanded for treating allergic reactions. The patient should always wash their hand before using the medicine. Also, care should be taken for not touching the tip of the dropper as it will contaminate the medicine. Additionally, to avoid unwanted problem, if the patient is using contact lens then they should first remove the lens and then apply the medicine. Simultaneous use of any other eye drop is not permitted. At least the patient should keep a time interval of 5 -10 minutes between two medicines.


Generic Patanol contain olopatadine hydrochloride as active ingredient and benzalkonium chloride as preservative. In addition to these ingredients, it does have inactive ingredients such as sodium chloride, dibasic sodium phosphate, purified water and sodium hydroxide/hydrochloric acid (for adjusting pH).

Generic Patanol should be stored at room temperature. It should be protected from light, heat, moisture and open flame. The medicine should be kept hidden from pets and kids. It should be checked for the expiry date before using it.

Mechanism of action:

Generic Patanol is mainly responsible for inhibiting the release of histamine from mast cells.


Generic Patanol is used for treating allergic reactions that might cause redness and itchiness in the eyes.

Side effects:

Generic Patanol might cause side effects in some of the user. However, it is not always true as some users of this medicine might not any side effects as well. In general, some of the side effects of this medicine are:

  • Blurred vision

  • Headache

  • Dryness of the eye

  • Swelling of eyelid

  • Burning sensation of the eye

  • Dizziness

  • Trouble in breathing

  • Rash

This is not the complete list of all side effects. In addition to these symptoms, if the patient experiences any other side effect then they should consult to the doctor.

Drug Interactions:

Generic Patanol might react with some other medicine and can bring harmful effect on the health of the patient. It is therefore, better to keep a list of all drugs and share the list with the doctor. The patient should not increase or decrease the dose than recommended to them by the doctor. If the patient is using any prescribed or non-prescribed medicine then they should tell to the doctor about that. This will help them in getting proper medicine and right dose of the drug.


Generic Patanol should be used once or twice in a day by the patient. However, the dose might vary due to various factors such as age; type of problem, how severe is the condition of the patient, etc. So, the patient should always consult to the doctor for exact dose of this medicine.

Missed dose:

If the patient misses any of the doses, then they should use it as soon as it is remembered. However, if it is time for next dose, then they should skip the missed dose and apply the medicine as per their regular planning.


If overdose is suspected by the patient, then they should consult to the doctor immediately.


  • Before using generic Patanol, the patient should tell to the doctor in case they are allergic to this medicine or any other medicine of same class.

  • Generic Patanol consists of different ingredients that might cause allergic reactions in some of the patient. Hence, they should always check the ingredient before using the medicine.

  • In case the patient has medical history of any disease, then they should tell to the doctor before starting treatment with this medicine.

  • Nursing patient should consult to the doctor before using the generic drug as it might pass to the breast milk and harm the baby.

  • The medicine, during pregnancy, should only be used if recommended by the doctor.
Generic Olopatadine - Patanol
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