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Kamagra | Sildenafil Citrate

Erectile dysfunction can happen to any men and at any age. It is quite common disorder. The man achieves the loose and soft erection thus problem occurs in physical interaction. Kamagra 50 mg is for all the age groups men to help them out of the problem of Kamagra. Generic sildenafil citrate is enough to solve all the worries of the men related to sexual life. The drug is known to have the quick initiation of the action and also have the long lasting result.

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Generic sildenafil is the active molecule of the pill. The drug causes the cessation of the PDE type-5 enzymes and releasing the nitric oxide and cyclic guanylate phosphate. The generic sildenafil causes the expansion of the arteries of the penis to allow the blood flow so that it fills the inner cavity of the penis. The expansion of the artery is due to relaxation of the corpus cavernosum. All these procedure makes the erection hard and sustainable.

What is the Use of Kamagra 50mg?

The use of Kamagra 50 mg is to manage the problem of soft erection or loose erection or erectile disorder.

How to Take Kamagra 50mg?

The dosage form of the medicine is tablet form. The pill is to be taken only when you are going to involve in the sexual activity. At a time only one pill is sufficient to use. The correct time of taking the dose of Kamagra is one hour before the physical interaction. The drug initiates acting only when the man is sexually provoke.

What other effects we can have with Kamagra 50mg?   

It is the possibility that the drug may show some other effects which are not good for health. However, its effects differ person to person.

  • Minor side effects: flush, nose congestion, slight nausea, eyes blurring, pain of head, etc.

  • Less common side effects: sensitiveness towards the light, visual impairment, etc.

  • Serious side effects: prolong erection, painful erection, unusual sound in ear, etc.

Contraindicated Conditions for Kamagra 50mg:

  • In women

  • In kids

  • If oversensitive to sildenafil citrate

  • If using the nitrate drugs, nitroprusside medicine or amyl nitrates.

  • If using the antifungal medicines.

  • Within 24 hours, another dose is contraindicated.

Storage condition of Kamagra 50mg:

Store the Kamagra drug at room temperature and store it away from the reach of the children.

Interactions of Kamagra 50mg:

The drugs that can have interactions with Kamagra are - nitrate drugs; anti-fungal medicines; antibiotics, etc.

Protective Measures while using Kamagra 50mg:

  • The food that contains high quantity of the oils and spices are not to be taken while the medication of the ED pills.

  • Alcohol and beverage containing alcohol may cause the adverse effects on the ability to get the erection so avoid it.

  • Other drugs for the same purpose should not be taken simultaneously.

  • If the patient has the heart problems or any blood vessel associated problems so use the Kamagra cautiously.

  • If the patient has the sickle cell or anemia disorder.

  • If the patient has retinitis pigmentosa.

  • If the patient has HIV problem, angina pectoris, etc.

  • No two doses of Kamagra within 24 hours.

Missing a Dose of the Kamagra 50mg:

Kamagra 50mg is meant to take when you are planning for sexual act. So the chance of missing a dose of Kamagra is quite rare. If by chance you missed the dose then have it at once you got remembered.

Overdosing Of the Kamagra 50mg:

Do not take the dose more than prescribed to you. Overdosing will not improve your performance.

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