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Super Avana or Super Avagra

Super Avana or Super Avagra

Portrayal of the Avagra

Avagra is a newly arrived drug for the therapy of Erectile Dysfunction or male powerlessness. Erectile Dysfunction is the familiar disorder among the males. According to the study done in America, confirms that millions of men there are afflicted from Erectile Dysfunction. Avagra has the same tendency as that of the acknowledged drugs use in Erectile Dysfunction. As it is the safe and sounded drug, the men between the age group of 18-65 years are going to consume this medication. Due to its cost effectiveness, easily availability and long lasting effect, Avagra is vastly used. As a result, most of the males get their self-belief back.

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Avagra enclose Avanafil as a dynamic factor. When a male get sexually provoke, Avanafil restrain the action of phosphodiesterase type 5. The nitric oxide also gets released in the corpus cavernosum. Both the action result in increasing the concentration of cGMP. This causes the dilation of the arteries by relaxing the smooth muscles. Due to the vasodilation, blood gets pumped towards the penis, hence, making it more firms.

Indication of Avagra

Avagra is use in correcting the male disarray known as Erectile Dysfunction.

Administration of Avagra

The proposed drug of Avagra is taken from the buccal path.  

The drug is preferably taken via oral route in a tablet form. It is ingested with a glass of water. The drug is not given beside oily food as it lags the absorption of the drug. The medicament should be consumed 15 or 30 minutes before sexual activity.

Side Effects

The remedy shows some of the unnecessary effects.

  • Cardiovascular cause- includes chest pain and irregular heartbeats.
  • Digestive problems- vomiting, abdominal discomfort.
  • Nervous system- lack of sleeping.
  • Urinary system- urinary tract infection, blood in urine.
  • Skin- itching, rashes.
  • Musculoskeletal system- spasm and pain in the muscles.
  • Respiratory system- troubled breathing.
  • Painful erection if lasts for long time.


Do not utilize the medicine when you are reporting some of the unnecessary problems. such of the contraindications are given underneath:

  • Do not acquire Avagra if you are already taking the treatment of nitrates containing drug.
  • Person allergic to Avanafil should withdraw the utilization of the drug.
  • Heart patient, people suffering from liver and kidney injury should not intake Avagra.
  • If you are having certain damage to the penis, it is not prescribed to have Avagra.

Drug Interactions

If drug other than Avagra is given simultaneously with it causes a number of unsafe influences on an individual.

  1. Nitrate comprising medicine- Nitroglycerine.
  2. Alpha- blockers – Terazosin, Prazosin.
  3. Anti HIV drugs- Indinavir, Ritonavir.
  4. Anti hypertensive drugs- Amlodipine, Enalapril.
  5. Antifungal drugs- Ketoconazole.
  6. Antibiotics- Amoxicillin.

Missing a Dose

The consumption of Avagra is standing on the needed base. So, if you have not taken the drug and want to take it, keep a proper gap between the two doses of the drug. You can follow your timetable even if you are not able to take the drug.

Oversupply of the Drug

In the case of emergency, confer with your medical care representative for the proper advice. Do not take more than prescribed dose.

Preservation of Avagra

  • The drug should be kept at the temperature suitable for it. It is instructed to store the drug at the temperature between 15-30 degrees.
  • Avoid the direct contact of heat and sunlight.
  • The place where the drug is preserves should not be damp.
  • The place should be clean and dust free.

Safety Precautions

  • It is suggested to have the prescribed dose only. Do not manipulate the amount of the medicine according to you.
  • Do not dispense Avagra to the ladies.
  • Avagra is prohibited to the children under the age of 18 years.
  • Take only single dose per day.
  • Evade the usage of grapefruit and grapefruit juice while having this medicine.
  • Do not drive a vehicle after consuming this drug as it causes vertigo.
  • Avoid having alcohol as it adds on the effect of dizziness.
  • Do not have this drug if you are having heart, liver or kidney dysfunction.





Generic Avanafil 60mg with Dapoxetine 100mg
Strength 160

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