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What are the alarming symptoms of TB to be careful?

As TB can influence many parts of your body, so there can be a variety of symptoms that may occur which may also sometimes latent may be get diagnose quiet late in the treatment. Typical symptoms of pulmonary TB are chronic cough, intermittent fever, weight loss, night sweats as well as coughing blood. Tuberculosis in parts other than the lungs has symptoms which are based on the organ where it develops, and may be developed in intermittent fever and weight loss like symptoms. TB is a possible identification to be measured in anyone with uneven fever, unexplained symptoms as well as weight loss. Latent TB disease symptoms, on the other hand, have no signs.

How medication can help in controlling TB symptoms?

Different types of medications are used to control TB symptoms. The antibiotic medication is generally used in different forms to kill the bacteria responsible for causing TB. For example RIFADIN (RIFAMPICIN) medicine attacks on bacterial enzyme called RNA-polymerase and make it inactive. The RNA-polymerase is very crucial for the survival of bacteria cell as it makes the essential proteins and help bacteria to multiply it. In lack of this enzyme the bacteria is unable to reproduce and ultimately die.