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Weight Loss

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What are the reasons for obesity and how it can be managed?

The accumulation of fat in excessive quantity in the body is known as obesity. In this condition the energy reserve in form of the fatty tissue is associated with certain kinds of health problems. Overeating and bad eating habits cause accumulation of fat in body which may eventually lead to obesity.

This is a common disorder that affects people around the world severely and therefore it ranks on the countdown at number three just after high blood pressure or diabetes. Some of the common causes of obesity may be:

  • Slow metabolisms
  • Genetic mutations
  • Number of fat cells
  • Lifestyle and eating habits
  • Effect of certain  medicine such as corticosteroids, female hormone treatments, oral birth control pills and drugs used to treat diabetes

Moreover, some time it may be a symptom of certain diseases such as

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Cushing’s disease
  • Polycystic ovarian cancer in women etc.

For the treatment of obesity there are lots of weight loss treatments available in the market but any treatment can’t provide desired result without making changes in lifestyle practices. The use of weight loss medicines can help in getting result faster, though. Regular exercising, healthy eating, maintaining proper diet like improvements in everyday schedule is the key to win over obesity. 

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