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Mercilon is an oral contraceptive medicine that is used to prevent unwanted pregnancy. This medicine contains both Desogestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol as an active chemical ingredient. It exhibits its effective action by increasing the thickness of cervical fluid and preventing sperm reaching to the unfertilized ovum. It is more suitable to those women’s patients who are suffering from the diabetic disorder and lipid disorder.

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Mercilon is more popular in among females who do not want to get pregnant after the physical intercourse. Desogestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol are both active chemical ingredients of this oral contraceptive that is categorized in the progestin drugs group. This oral contraceptive medicine demonstrate its action by reducing the concentration of the progesterone hormone after binding progesterone receptor and it also slow down the production of the luteinize hormone (LH) that is secrete by pituitary gland of the brain, results in inhibiting the releasing of the egg from ovary and fertilization of the egg. This oral contraceptive has low adverse effects compare to other oral coagulant medicine.

Therapeutic use of Mercilon

Mercilon is used as a birth –control medicine.

Contraindications of Mercilon

Contraindications are the medical conditions in which this medicine does not prescribe because this medicine may be increase the severity of these medical conditions. These medical conditions are described below;

  • hypersensitive  reactions

  • uterine cancer

  • migraine

  • Heart disease & Liver disease

  • Kidney failure

  • Circulations disorder( blood clotting)


Doses and administration of Mercilon

  • Mercilon is tablet formulation that is consumed by oral route.

  • Mercilon contains 28 pills, in which 21 pills are active and other 7 pills inert.

  • One tablet should be taken in a 24 time.

  • Active pill should be taken up to 21 days and after 21 day you should take other 7 inert tablet up to 28 days.

  • This treatment must be start at first day of menstrual period.

  • Do not miss any dose of this treatment because the chances of the low therapeutic effects.

Drug interactions of Mercilon

Drug interactions are the condition in which two or more drugs are interact with each other when you are consumed at the same time. These interactions are given below

  • Avoid it with combination of anti-viral drug (amprenavir), antidepressant drugs (Phenytoin and Carbamazepine), anti-hypertensive drugs (bosentan), and antifungal drug such as Griseofulvin because these drugs may reduce the effectiveness of this oral contraceptive drug.

  • Mercilon does not used with anti-convulsion drugs (atorvastatin) and NSAID drug (aspirin and acetaminophen) because these combination may be increased the exposure of this medication.

Storage conditions of Mercilon

  • It should be stored at 15 to 25̊C temperature.

  • Protect from direct contact of the sunlight and moisture

  • It should be closed in an air thigh container

  • Do not store after the expiry date

In case of missed dose

You should not overlook any dose of this medicine because any missed dose may be decreased the effectiveness of this oral contraceptive. If you missed any dose of this medicine then take it as soon as remember or contact to family doctor.


In case of Overdose

This medicine provides good therapeutic effects according to its absorption of drug in the blood therefore; you should not take more than prescribed dose. Overdose of this medicine may cause risky effects on your health. In case of overdose, you must take medical advice from your doctor.  

Side effects of Mercilon

Mercilon has a few adverse effects which may be occurred after using it but it does not means every patient exhibits this adverse effects because these adverse effects depend upon the patient immune system. These adverse effects are breast ache, unusual menstrual period, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, fatigue and increase the body temperature.


Precautions of Mercilon

Few precautions must be followed before using it. These precautions are given below

  • Stop it, if you experience any sensitive reaction after using it.

  • Please do not missed any dose of this oral contraceptive drug because this missed dose may be decreases the effectiveness of drugs and cause unwanted pregnancy.

  • This oral contraceptive drug does not prescribe to the pregnant or breast feeding female because this medicine may cause risky effects on the unborn and born baby.

  • During this treatment, avoid the smoking and alcohol because these substances may enhance the adverse effects of this oral contraceptive drug.

  • Above the 35 year female patients should be used this medicine with caution because these patient is more susceptible toward its adverse effects.

  • If you are suffering from the medical disease such as lipid disorder, water retention, liver disorder and using contact lenses then you should be used with caution.

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