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Yazz - 0.02mg/3mg

Yaz (Contraceptive Pill) - 0.02mg/3mg

Yaz (Contraceptive Pill) : There are numerous birth control in the market, onew of them is Yaz. Yaz is a combination of drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol. Both these hormonal drugs acts together to control the occurence of the pregnancy. you can buy Yaz online at a very affordable price. Today Yaz has become the priority of alomst every couple to plan their pregnancy. This is a pack of 28 pills. This pill is to be taken on the regular basis to get the desire effects. Another uses of this Pill is to treat the symproms of the premenstrual dysphoric disorder, menstrual associated problems, etc. This pill acts to prevent the ovulation so that the chances of conceiving the pregnancy reduces.

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28 Tablet/s Ethinylestradiol - Drospirenone $12.00 $0.43
56 Tablet/s Ethinylestradiol - Drospirenone $24.00 $0.43
84 Tablet/s Ethinylestradiol - Drospirenone $36.00 $0.43
Ethinylestradiol - Drospirenone
Generic Ethinylestradiol - Drospirenone
Strength Ethinylestradiol - Drospirenone

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